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QuickQuotes Series
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Quotes By Topic

Quotes By People

Quotes By Profession

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Here are "lite" versions for some of our QuickQuotes releases. They are basically the same as the full versions, except for a smaller selection of the quotes.

Customer Comments

Here are customers comments about our various QuickQuotes products

"Complete list of Churchill's wisdom & wit.  Fun to review." - Kpann, USA

"Very good, I have a few from these developers, they are really unique!" - Kevin.N, USA

"I love it!!!" - Calyssav, USA

"Very nice....absolutely amazing quotes & customizable with fonts & backgrounds...I love it!" - Sha bing bang, USA

"Clean app, handy and very user friendly.  Thank you!" - Tabula Rasa Mistress, USA

"Many excellent quotes and nicely organized." - Klein&Mobius, USA

"Great App- has WAY more quotes than I expected, and all very good quotes! Not like some apps that are limited- this one seems to have a few hundred quoted! Worth the money!" - Audreyblu, USA

"What a great app. Always liked einy." - SHAPPY000, USA

See now THIS is what i was looking for! :) thank you for the backgrounds options and the fonts too. And i Love the app icon. ^_^  everything about this app is cutesy!" - Waaahh!, USA

"I love this app. It's simple &nice." - DarkxFuneral, Nederland

Thank you for this beautiful piece of work. I love the compilation, the font and the backdrops. Very elegant and well thought of. Very nice bookmarking feature and it's fantastic to be able to see a list. Keep up the good work." - Pr3dat0R, Singapore