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BioMetricks is a multi-functional biometrics prank app that uses fingerprint scanning to determine results! You can either predetermine the result based on which area of the Start button you press, or set to random mode for random results.

Here are the built-in scanners, analyzers and detectors:

  • Alcohol Analyzer
  • Ancient Gene Detector (For Stargate fans)
  • Fashion Sense Analyzer
  • Fortune Analyzer
  • Geek Detector
  • Greed Analyzer
  • Health Analyzer
  • IQ Analyzer
  • Karma Analyzer
  • Lie Detector
  • Loser Detector
  • Love Scanner
  • Luck Analyzer
  • Mood Analyzer
  • Mutant Gene Detector
  • Stink Analyzer
  • Talent Analyzer
  • The Force Detector (For Jedi wannabes)
  • Virus Scanner

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On top of these, you can also configure your own custom type, with its own name and results!


  • Realistic finger print scanning with real time animation
  • Highly customizable - sound volume, scanning speed, meter speed
  • Easily select which scanner/analyzer/detector type
  • Random/predetermined results

NOTE: This is a prank app that makes it appear like it is a fingerprint scanner. It does NOT actually scan fingerprints.