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Love Analyzer

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Love Analyzer is a fun prank app that lets you and another person have thumbprints scanned and analyzed to determine how compatible you two are. You can predetermine which result to show by placing your thumb in specific regions of the scanning area. This allows you to make the app show the result you want, whenever you want ! 

This is the perfect ice-breaking tool you need ! No more corny pickup lines. Now, you can start with ... Can I scan your thumb ? Hilarious !

While this app is provided as a "love analyzer", you can customize the results however you like. You can turn this app into a "who is more drunk" tester, "who is smarter" tester, etc.


  • Most realistic fingerprint scanning animation
  • Realistic scanning sound
  • Three customizable result messages
  • Predetermine which result is shown
  • Great looking user interface

NOTE: This is a prank app that makes it appear like it is a fingerprint scanner. It does NOT actually scan fingerprints.

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