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Quick Breathalyzer

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The best looking, most functional prank breathalyzer for iPhone is here ! Quick Breathalyzer works just like a real breathalyzer. 

Press Start and blow at your iPhone's bottom right corner (where the mic is). It will appear to collect sample of your breath, performs an analysis and shows you the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level. Now, you can show your friends just how wasted they are !

The result shown can be predetermined, depending on which area of the Start button you pressed ! We don't just show the same fixed BAC value. We randomly generate the BAC value within the range of your selected BAC level for added realism ! For example, if you selected the "Drunk" level, we will randomly generate a BAC value between 0.11% - 0.2%.

All test results messages are customizable, so you can put in your own "creative" messages for added fun ! 


  • Realistic animated level bar that responds to user blowing at iPhone
  • You can predetermine result to be shown (8 possible results to choose from)
  • The BAC range supported is 0.00% to 0.45%
  • All results messages are customizable
  • Blow duration is configurable (1s-5s)
  • Realistic looking LCD display

Note: This app does not really collect and analyze breath samples. It is only made to appear as such for prank purposes.

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