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Quick X-Ray

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Amaze your friends and family by turning your iPhone/iPod Touch into a realistic portable X-ray scanner ! Watch their jaws drop when you show them an X-ray of your hand in real-time !

This app is NOT just a pre-recorded video like some other X-ray apps. Quick X-Ray allows you to control the movement of the X-ray by tilting just slightly in the required direction. 

 Quick X-ray is highly customizable, so you can make it work the way you want it to work.



  • Control movement of X-ray using accelerometer
  • Realistic X-ray display with random brigtness changes
  • Realistic X-ray sound
  • Size of X-ray is configurable to match your own hand
  • Choice of left or right hand
  • Accelerometer sensitivy, movement speed and volume also customizable.

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