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QuickCounter works like a mechanical tally counter and makes it easy to keep count of things with many powerful features. There are many uses such as counting stock, people, running laps, etc. 


  • Incrementing count by pressing a big button or a quick wrist motion (using accelerometer).
  • Save counter totals (including item name and description).
  • View list of previously saved items.
  • The counter for saved items can still be incremented/decremented.
  • Send saved results by email, choice of plain text or CSV (comma-separated values) format.
  • Counting is automatically saved when exiting app and restored when reopened.
  • Audio feedback when incrementing/decrementing counter.
  • Vibration feedback when incrementing/decrementing counter (useful in noisy environment).
  • Settings to turn on/off audio and vibration feedback, etc.


To increment counter using accelerometer, just do a quick wrist flick motion moving the device left and back. For left-handed users, you can go into the Settings app to configure Counter to change the direction of this motion.