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QuickQuotes Introduction

All our QuickQuotes line of products comes with our extremely user friendly QuickQuotes app that has many useful features, minus the complexity. 

Here is the main screen for QuickQuotes.

Swipe left or right to see next or previous quote. Changing quotes is animated.
Shake for a random quote. If you shake from within Favorites, a random favorite quote is shown.
Bookmark quotes that you like. It's as simple as tapping the "heart" icon. 
You can view a full list of all quotes or just your favorite quotes.

Search quotes easily. Search results are updated as you type. You can search all or search your favorite quotes only.

Swipe up or down to switch wallpapers. We provide many beautiful wallpapers to choose from. Changing wallpaper is also animated. Below are samples of some of the wallpapers.

Font is configurable and you are shown a preview of how each font looks like on your current wallpaper. 

You can use any font available on your device to view the quotes. Below are samples of some of the fonts:

Font size is automatically adjusted based on the length of the quote, in order to display the quote using the largest font size that will fit on screen. This makes it easier to read since most quotes are fairly short and as such, can be displayed using larger font.

Want to share a nice quote that you found ? Just tap the email icon and QuickQuote will open up your mail program with the selected quote inserted into a new mail, ready for you to select recipient(s) and add any comment of your own.

When you close QuickQuotes, things are automatically saved and restored the next time you open QuickQuotes, so you can continue reading quotes from where you left off.

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The following are "lite" versions for some of our QuickQuotes releases. They are exactly the same as the full versions, with the following exceptions: (1) They come with a smaller selection of the quotes  (2) There is a small ad to promote our QuickQuotes.

Love QuickQuotes Lite

Albert Einstein QuickQuotes Lite

George Bernard Shaw QuickQuotes Lite

Mark Twain QuickQuotes Lite

Thomas Jefferson QuickQuotes Lite

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Here are what some of our customers said about our various QuickQuotes products

Complete list of Churchill's wisdom & wit.  Fun to review. - Kpann, USA

Very good, I have a few from these developers, they are really unique! - Kevin.N, USA

I love it!!! - Calyssav, USA

Very nice....absolutely amazing quotes & customizable with fonts & backgrounds...I love it! - Sha bing bang, USA

Clean app, handy and very user friendly.  Thank you! - Tabula Rasa Mistress, USA

Many excellent quotes and nicely organized. - Klein&Mobius, USA

Great App- has WAY more quotes than I expected, and all very good quotes! Not like some apps that are limited- this one seems to have a few hundred quoted! Worth the money! - Audreyblu, USA

What a great app. Always liked einy. - SHAPPY000, USA

See now THIS is what i was looking for! :) thank you for the backgrounds options and the fonts too. And i Love the app icon. ^_^  everything about this app is cutesy! - Waaahh!, USA

I love this app. It's simple &nice. - DarkxFuneral, Nederland

Thank you for this beautiful piece of work. I love the compilation, the font and the backdrops. Very elegant and well thought of. Very nice bookmarking feature and it's fantastic to be able to see a list. Keep up the good work. - Pr3dat0R, Singapore

These are all genuine customer comments. You don't have to take our word for it, you can see them in the iTunes App Store :)