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Torchlight Pro

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Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a torchlight during a blackout or in the cinema, whenever you need a handy light around. 


  • Turns the whole screen white for maximum light
  • Adjustable brightness with handy on-screen slider bar
  • Prevents auto-lock from dimming/turning off device
  • Configurable colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange, Red.
  • Blink feature with configurable blink rate: 1Hz-5Hz
  • Can use accelerometer "rocking motion" to adjust brightness
  • Brightness level and color is autosaved and restored
  • Double tap the screen to toggle on/off blinking action
  • Swipe finger up/down the screen to change color

To adjust brightness using accelerometer, quickly move your device to the left to decrease brightness, and to the right to increase brightness. Just a simple wrist action will do.